Top Myths About Toenail Fungus

One of the most common disorders of the foot is toenail fungus. Fungus infections occur when microscopic fungi enter through a small trauma in the nail. The fungus then grows inside warm and moist environments, such as socks and shoes. If left untreated, fungal infections can spread to other toenails and even skin. Many people can get consumed in toenail myths that only prolong their infections instead of treating it properly. It is important to seek professional attention right away if you detect signs of any serious infection. Here are some of the top myths about toenail fungus:

Toenail Fungus Treatments Require Strong Antibiotics

A common myth is that toenail fungus cannot be treated without strong antibiotics or topical treatments. However, the most popular ointments only have a low success rate at killing fungus. Additionally, many strong antibiotics have extremely small success rates and can cause liver damage, potentially fixing one problem while creating another. Juvanail offers painless toenail fungus treatment in Los Angeles that features a significantly higher success rate and is even a simple method of non-surgical toenail fungus treatment.

Toenail Fungus Caused by Being Unhygienic

Toenail Fungus can happen to anyone and can develop for various reasons. There are also many risk factors including diabetes, general aging, and disorders like rheumatoid arthritis. Regardless of how you get your toenail fungus, there is nothing to be ashamed of. Seeing a podiatrist early can help you receive non-surgical toenail fungus treatment and help to avoid further complications.

Toenail Fungus Requires Removing Nail

In rare and complicated cases, the nail will need to be removed. However, in most cases, if handled early patients can receive painless toenail fungus treatment and not need to have their nail removed at all.

Toenail Fungus Can’t Be Cured

Toenail fungus can definitely be cured, especially if you see a podiatrist early. Skilled podiatrists, Dr. Alfandari and Dr. Jamshidinia will use a painless toenail fungus treatment to kill your toenail fungus and create a plan to keep it from coming back. Juvanail specializes in curing toenail fungus using a non-surgical toenail fungus treatment in Los Angeles.

It’s Okay to Wait to Seek Treatment

Leaving nails untreated or waiting to treat them can lead to infection and ingrown nails. A toenail infection can even spread to the skin. One of the biggest toenail fungus myths is that waiting for treatment is okay to do. In order to avoid surgery and receive a painless toenail fungus treatment, it is important to not delay treatment.

Home Remedies Will Toenail Fungus

Many toenail fungus myths revolve around home remedies and that they can cure toenail fungus. However, almost all home remedies are ineffective and the one remedy that has a little success (tea tree oil) only mitigates the fungus leading to the fungi’s eventual return. Home remedies can soothe infections at times, but they will not ultimately get rid of the fungus that is present. Most home remedies will only cause the problem to worsen or hide the infection until it returns again. To neutralize fungus and prevent a return, Juvanail offers non-surgical toenail fungus treatment.

Let Us Help

Toenail fungus is unsightly, painful and common, yet no one ever talks about it. Because of this many myths surround the annoying fungus. If you are suffering from toenail fungus it is important to know the truth about the ailment. With the plethora of toenail fungus myths and misconceptions how can you ever get the treatment you need. Dr. Alfandari and Dr. Jamshidinia offer painless toenail fungus treatment in Los Angeles and non-surgical toenail fungus treatment in Los Angeles, while dispelling the biggest toenail fungus myths.

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