We specialize in not just treating the toenail plate, but also treating the nail root with our proprietary algorithm. We employ FDA approved lasers in the treatment protocol but the magic of our before and after rests with how we deal with the nail root which is the location of the source of infection.
Tailored to each patient’s nail, we employ our FDA approved procedure to treat toenail fungus. Our CoolTouch Laser coupled with a unique blend of treatments are aimed at restoring the nail bed. This treatment is used to clear toenail fungus with no toxic medications and minimal to no pain.
The Juvanail Procedure employs the most safe and sophisticated FDA approved laser as part of our proprietary treatment. The CoolTouch Laser delivers results by properly utilizing wavelengths of light to combat the root of the toenail fungus while cooling the nail bed to prevent injuries to the root of the nail. This is the only laser on the market that allows for thermal cooling thus preventing nailbed injuries which can cause permanent damage to the nail bed. The CoolTouch Laser perfectly seals our procedure by using thermal cooling to properly prevent any injury.
Poor circulation, diabetes, shared nail tools, excessive sweat, athlete’s foot, ingrown toenails and old age. The root of the nail can get infected by the organisms that cause athlete’s foot. This can happen with a pedicure, nail plate injury or even advanced age.

Keep nails maintained at least once a week. Don’t pick at skin around your nails. Avoid being barefoot in public places. Always maintain good hygiene to keep your feet free of athlete’s foot. Treat shower flowers, treat the inside of your shoes with our UV FDA approved light called sterishoe to prevent recurrence. Treating your environment is also a good way to prevent athlete’s foot and nail fungus.

Toe fungus is opaque and discolored which takes form through thick damaged toenails. It also may appear as white dots, patches or lines under the nail, loosening of the nail, painful nail bed, brittle nails and abnormally shaped nails. These nails are often difficult to trim.
We also treat fingernail fungus here at Juvanail. The same protocol works for hand nail fungus.
NO! Finally, you have access to a treatment with a state-of-the-art laser that does not require any pills with treatments.
It depends on the severity of the infection and whether your nail requires laser treatment only or combination treatment called Juvanail. Laser treatments can take as little as 10 mins. Juvanail treatments are a little more time consuming depending on the number of nails needing Juvanail.
Insurance companies consider laser treatments cosmetic and do not cover Laser or Juvanail treatments.
Yes. You will be able to resume work if you have Laser only and if you have Juvanail you can also resume work by the following morning with just a band-aid. (Varies based on type of work and number of nails requiring Juvanail)
With semi annual touch ups and self upkeep you can prevent recurrence, but yes there is 10% chance for recurrence during your lifetime no matter what treatment you need.
For Laser only treatments you will need to wait for a full nail growth cycle. So if your nails grow fast you can see full results in as early as 9 weeks, most patients see results within 1 month. Juvanail treatment allows much faster clearing given the restoration of nail bed and plate. Patients enjoy new nails in as early as 6-8 weeks.
Compared to all other laser toenail fungus treatments, Juvanail requires less treatments given all areas of infection are being treated at once: the nail plate, nail bed and the root of the nail are all being treated together with Juvanail treatment. Laser only treatments require 4-5 treatments only if the infection is severe. For most accurate assessment for treatment type and frequency it’s best to have your nail evaluated by one of our board certified foot specialized physicians. Reach out today to get more information from our helpful staff here at Juvanail. We look forward to helping you!
Toenail Fungus Treatment Los Angeles
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