Painless Toenail Fungus Treatment
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Is Juvanail Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Right For Me?

Juvanail’s Doctors implement a state-of-the-art, proprietary approach to treating toenail fungus and other various toe ailments and infections. The Juvanail Procedure is only offered by the physicians at Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery and is not available anywhere else in the world. The proprietary combination of FDA approved, researched and published treatments provides the most effective method available for toenail fungus.

By treating each patient individually and ignoring the common “one size fits all” approach, Dr. Alfandari and Dr. Jamshidinia have achieved a 98% satisfaction rate and compiled the most comprehensive gallery of before and after photos that represent the most dramatic outcomes available on the web. Our state-of-the-art treatment includes a painless, effective approach to clearing toenail fungus.All treatments are outpatient with no downtime, no toxic oral medication, no pills and no painful surgery or anesthesia.

The key in treating toenail fungus effectively is the skill of your surgeon and the tools with which that surgeon is equipped with. In our case, we have the two most sought after lasers that are both FDA approved coupled to a proprietary treatment algorithm which allows for an entourage effect thus rapidly clearing toenails of fungal infections in 85+% of the patients we treat. We have a 98% patient satisfaction which is readily available on the net after having treated thousands of patients from all over the world.

Before committing to any treatment center, we urge you to read the reviews and see the dramatic before and afters..

Toenail Fungus Treatment Los Angeles
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To shoe or not to shoe, that is the question. While going barefoot feels great, it’s not for every occasion or place. Fungus loves to grow in warm, wet places. It also spreads easily from person to person and that’s why it is important to wear shower shoes or flip flops around public areas such
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Toenail fungus can not only be an embarrassing condition, but it can also cause other skin and health issues. If not treated properly, the fungus can spread to the surrounding skin and could also cause permanent damage to the nail and the nail bed. For a comprehensive toenail fungus treatment, trust the experts at Juvanail
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Made of the same tough keratin as the top layer of our skin, our nails are thickened extensions of these. Your nails grow out from the blood vessel and nerve-rich area below the skin and nail bed. Our toenails are frequently subjected to stress through stubbed toes, rubbing against shoes, and other daily movements which
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