Healthy Habits to Avoid Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus can not only be an embarrassing condition, but it can also cause other skin and health issues. If not treated properly, the fungus can spread to the surrounding skin and could also cause permanent damage to the nail and the nail bed. For a comprehensive toenail fungus treatment, trust the experts at Juvanail to get your feet healthy once again.

There are some helpful tips to avoid toenail fungus altogether. By taking the time to follow these simple tips, you could avoid this unsightly and potentially painful condition.

5 Tips to Avoid Nail Fungus

Tip #1: Don’t share nail clippers or files and make sure you clip your nails correctly and carefully. Nails should be clipped straight, all the way across and a file can be used to smooth out any rough edges. It’s also important to make sure your clippers are properly sanitized.

Tip #2: Wear properly fitted shoes as well as breathable foot wear. Experts say that your toenails should not touch your shoes. Make sure you have enough room in your shoes and they aren’t too small. Cramping your toes can create an environment where you feet are not able to breathe. You can keep fungus at bay by creating a dry environment where air can freely circulate around your feet. Shoes made of leather or canvas tend to create this breathable environment.

Tip #3: Alternate your shoes and wear flip flops in wet, public areas like showers or locker rooms. Keeping your feet dry is the best way to avoid getting toenail fungus. You don’t want to put on yesterday’s sweaty shoes again. Invest in a few good pairs and allow them to dry completely before wearing them again. Wearing flip flops in public areas allows your feet to breathe and can allow you to dry them quickly. Again, moisture is your enemy so keeping your feet dry is the key to success.

Tip #4: Disinfect regularly and sprinkle your shoes with anti-fungal powder. You should always disinfect your shower or tub with a bleach-based cleanser. Spray your shoes with anti-bacterial spray, especially if you’ve worn them without socks. Wash your socks in hot water and change them frequently if you have sweaty feet. You can also sprinkle powder on the inside of your shoes and socks to keep the fungus from developing.

Tip #5: This is perhaps the easiest tip. Make sure you wash and dry your feet carefully before bed each night.

What if I Already Have Toenail Fungus?

If you find yourself already suffering from unsightly toenail fungus, you need to get rid of it completely before utilizing the tips above. Unfortunately, getting rid of toenail fungus treatment can be a lengthy process. If the fungus is not treated, it won’t go away and might just get worse.

There are several non-prescription treatment options that include creams, lotions or nail polish containing antifungal medication. In severe cases, check with your doctor as you might need a prescription for a stronger medication. Keep in mind, it could take a few weeks of using these products before you see results and the fungus fades.

The best chance of defeating a severe case of toenail fungus is with Juvanail’s CoolTouch Laser Treatment in Los Angeles.

If you’re looking for a painless toenail fungus treatment, consider the team at Juvanail. You can learn more about the doctors, read patient testimonials and schedule a consultation. Get your clear nails back and don’t go another day with unsightly toenail fungus.

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