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Benefits of The Juvanail Procedure

The Juvanail foot laser treatment procedure is only offered by the physicians at Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery and is not offered anywhere else in the world. Unlike many competing clinics, the Juvanail procedure, invented by the doctors at Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery, utilizes effective lasers that allow for the ability to penetrate the toenail matrix, grant control of temperature and have the ability to cool the nail during treatment making the procedure more tolerable. Our choice of two of the greatest lasers on the market allows Juvanail to offer patients a safer, more effective, and nearly painless toenail fungus treatment in Los Angeles. With Juvanail’s proprietary combination of tried and true researched treatments and two high-tech FDA approved lasers we have compiled the greatest backlog of dramatic results available on the web.

We are proud to host the largest gallery of dramatic toenail fungus results on the web. View our reviews and see our before and afters!

Juvanail’s proprietary blend of treatments, in conjunction with various FDA approved wavelengths of ND Yag Laser, means toenail fungus can be treated with 85% efficacy for patients who have failed various other treatments. This is only one of the many benefits of the Juvanail Procedure. The Juvanail treatment offers a plethora of benefits over very common yet ineffective methods.

Before Juvanail treatments have been limited to oral medications or topical treatments. Topical treatments have been proven to be generally ineffective and extremely overpriced. How overpriced? The topical ointments Jublia and competitor Kerydin cost between $531-$539 for four milliliters of solution; you would need approximately 16 4oz bottles spread over 48 weeks to potentially treat your fungus. This means you would spend over $8,500 to attempt to cure your toenail fungus; the only thing is these popular ointments only boast a 15% successful treatment rate and none of the treatments have actually cured the problem where further testing showed no fungal organisms in the nail plate. Thus patients have been paying thousands of dollars for a 15% chance of a cure and a guarantee that fungal organisms still exist in the nail plate. Fortunately, our toenail fungus laser cost allows for affordability and ensures you get the results you’ve paid for as described above in the shortest amount of time.

Many competing nail fungus treatment centers fail to treat their patients as respectfully and professionally as Juvanail. How? Unlike Juvanail, many of these competitors task technicians, medical assistants, nurses or physician assistants to administer laser treatments. Naturally this means the care, attention to detail and experience of a trained board certified physician is non-existent. The secret to toenail fungus treatment done effectively is the skill of your surgeon.At Juvanail you will never get laser treatment administered by anyone other than one of our board certified physicians with decades of combined training and experience. We have a 98% patient satisfaction which is readily available on the net after treating thousands of patients from all over the world.

In addition to the 200 dollar an ounce topical treatments the popular choice for toenail fungus relief is medication. Much medication however is pointless, besides not offering a legitimate toenail fungus cure that eliminates fungus at the root of the nail, the medications also can cause liver toxicity in patients. This results in painful and expensive monthly lab visits to test for liver damage. Meanwhile the toenail fungus, if at all subsided, is likely to reoccur because the medication doesn’t remove fungus from the bed of the nail.
Juvanail prevents the need for expensive topic treatments and eliminates the unnecessary purchase of extremely overpriced and ineffective pharmaceutical oral medications. Juvanail, and our proprietary combination of treatments and two high tech FDA approved lasers, does not require you to use any pills with treatments.

Our unique combination of CoolTouch Laser and a blend of researched published treatments allows an entourage effect and helps patients to achieve rapid healthy, beautiful nails with minimal number of treatments. With the newest advancements in technology, the Juvanail Procedure allows patients to enjoy more than 85% efficacy with less treatments and less down time.
Juvanail’s procedure is one of a kind and is the only one like it in the world. Unlike our competitors we refuse to use stock footage in our photo gallery because we love our dramatic results that only our proprietary treatment can achieve. Our thousands of patients have seen dramatic improvement achieved through our state-of-the-art treatment. We encourage you to view the webs largest backlog of dramatic toenail fungus results.
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