Toenail Laser Treatment: Risks and Benefits

There are many ways to go about treating a toenail fungus infection. You may have heard of different prescribed oral medications, natural remedies, ointments, and creams. These all may prove to be perfectly effective solutions to an infection, however toenail laser treatment is an alternative that many people might not even know exist. If other medications have proven to be ineffective and your toenail fungal infection continues to persist, you may want to consider a Juvanail laser treatment.

What is Juvanail?

The Juvanail toenail laser procedure is a proprietary and FDA approved treatment proven to treat toenail fungus at its source. Juvanail utilizes a CoolTouch laser specially designed for toenail fungus and a thermal cooling system to prevent permanent damage to the toenail. This procedure is for any patients who have found topical treatments and potentially toxic medications to be particularly ineffective. Juvanail treatment is only offered in Los Angeles at Tower Foot and Ankle Surgery and carries an impressive 98% patient satisfaction rate.

Benefits of Juvanail

  • Non-surgical option for toenail fungus removal
  • Painless
  • CoolTouch laser gives the doctor full control and dexterity, allowing for a personalized experience
  • Faster laser heating makes for shorter treatment times
  • Laser cooling ensures no unneeded damage is done to the nail bed or foot
  • FDA approved results

Part of what makes the Juvanail toenail laser treatment experience so unique is its inclusion of the CoolTouch laser. Among the first to be FDA approved with the sole purpose of clearing toenail fungus, the CoolTouch laser offers both approved wavelengths of light appropriate for treating feet. The laser is also fully optimized for the doctor to maintain complete control and deliver a personalized treatment to each and every patient. Energy from the laser is absorbed by water associated with collagen in the nail tissue. The CoolTouch laser ensures dynamic control, proper target temperature, and painless results.

Juvanail Toenail Laser Treatment vs. Other Laser Treatments

Many other toenail laser treatment options offer lasers that are unable to effectively penetrate the toenail matrix and adequately destroy the fungus. Additionally, the lack of fine laser temperature control and ability to cool the nail during treatment makes these lasers not only ineffective but put them at a higher risk for inflicting unwanted damage to the nail and surrounding skin.

Since toenail fungus causes the discoloration, this causes the nail to become quite opaque. Because of this, conventional lasers cannot penetrate the nail and kill the fungus at its root. Juvanail addresses these issues and bests its competition by using:

  • Two, FDA approved laser wavelengths for maximum penetration.
  • Cooling technology that prevents burning of the root of the toenail.
  • The ability to use fine control for spot size. Since everyone’s nails are a different size and shape, this allows Juvanail to be customized for every patient.
  • No monthly lab visits.

The Juvanail procedure is a completely unique and painless way to rid your toes of uncomfortable fungi. Results can be seen immediately, with the toenail able to return to its normal clarity as fast as three weeks. If toenail fungus has been irritating you and other treatments don’t seem to be doing the trick, consider Juvanail.

Feel free to learn more about Juvanail, read our testimonials, or contact our doctors for a no obligation telephone brief informational consultation should you have any questions regarding our treatments.

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